Orange Insight Onsite is a joint collaboration effort with Orange, our enterprise customers, and the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Started in March 2012, this program will place executives from companies with no current presence in the San Francisco Bay Area with innovative startups and technology shops. For six months, our partners will work alongside Orange Silicon Valley developers, project managers to gain deep insights into technology shifts in Cloud computing, SaaS platforms, data centers, software-defined networking, and more.

For over a decade, Orange has maintained a presence at the center of Silicon Valley, leveraging the innovation DNA of the Valley that is revolutionizing not just the communications industry, but industries such as e-health, energy, finance, automotive, transportation, and government. Orange Insight Onsite offers a guide to our valued partners to go beyond the usual “tech tourism” and give them a chance to collaborate with the larger ecosystem to super-charge their innovation engines.

Throughout the duration of their participation, our partners will have the potential to create new, shared intellectual property that can be applied directly to their organization’s innovation output. In addition, we provide them early access to advanced technology and startups often not available overseas until many months or even years after its initial release in Silicon Valley.

For more information about Orange Insight Onsite, please contact Gabriel Sidhom, Vice President of Technology, for more information.

How it works:

  • 6 to 18 month program held at Orange Silicon Valley
  • project costs are shared
  • Orange Silicon Valley provides desk and infrastructure
  • partners benefit from having first-hand presence in Silicon Valley
  • deliverables and patents resulting are jointly owned

Topics explored:

  • content centric networks
  • the future employee
  • sensor networks
  • the future of Work
  • payments
  • the user as part of the value chain
  • cloud computing
  • HTML5
  • amalgamation of social mobile and real-time
  • social commerce and consumption
  • big data